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VCI Packing For Export

One of the prime causes of rejection of components, spares, assemblies, castings and Finished Goods is due to failure of the metal due to corrosion and rust. The corrosion problem is more severe in export consignments as the pallets, containers or cartons transit in ocean for number of weeks and travel in hot, humid and salty conditions which are highly corrosive. Surface of most of the metals corrode due to moisture, water, acids, salts and many other chemicals present in the atmosphere.

It is, therefore, necessary to adopt proper exports packaging solutions for seaworthy packing of material made of metal for protection against corrosion and rustfor transit and shipment for export. By using proper corrosion preventive VCI poly flexible and seaworthy packaging material, manufacturers and exporters can have most cost effective option to ship their products, consignments and pellets anywhere in the world. VCI anti corrosive Poly Bags, Tubes, Sheets and Stretch Cling Film provide most cost effective flexible, poly packaging solution to exporters to protect ferrous, non-ferrous metals and also multi metal surfaces, components, spare parts assemblies and finished goods from corrosion and rust.

VCI Packing For Export

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